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picture of me sitting backward on a chair
Here's lots of pictures and videos I have gathered
for you to check out. Live is always better, but
here's the next best thing. Please be respectful!
No one is authorized to copy or use any of these
photos or videos. Just enjoy getting to see them.
Embedding is available for videos on YouTube.
Check back for updates occasionally. :) --Rain

Pole Kat of the Year 2005

Beginning of Geisha Show- Feather Fans

Geisha Show- Pole Dance

Fire Performance with Kocho Bi-Sexual

"Jerry Springer Uncensored" Commercial, Feb 08

"Jerry Springer Uncensored" Commercial, March 08

Extreme Pole Action

Pole Dancing to A.D.D.- The Path

2004- 2006 Pictures

Baton Rouge, LA, 7-07

Crashman Creations 2006 and 2008

Miss Nude Exotic 2008, Wild J's, Port Trevorton, PA, 3-08

2008 Exotic Dancer National Championships, Atlanta, GA, 5-08

GSE Ranch, Atlanta, GA, 5-08

Maximus, Wichita Falls, TX, 7-08 --Fire Pics

San Francisco, CA, 7-08, Page 1

San Francisco, CA, 7-08, Page 2

LI Cafe, Long Island, NY, 8-08

Really Windy's, Great Falls, MT, 12-08

Austin, TX, 1-09, Page 1

Austin, TX, 1-09, Page 2

Austin, TX, 1-09, Page 3

Pleasurefest, Austin, TX, 2-09

Abilene, TX, 4-09, Page 1

Abilene, TX, 4-09, Page 2