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Want to know what I have been up to? This page
is where I will post updates and stories about
what I have been doing lately or what I will be
doing soon. Hope to see you soon! --Rain
7/19/12- I guess you can tell I don't spend a lot of time on here. To stay in touch with me with the quickest
updates, keep a check on my Facebook page. I have just updated my tour dates on here, including a new
date near Austin at Babes in Harker Heights. If you have only seen my house dancing in Austin, now is your
chance to get the full shows. Shows will include fire, water, and lots of crowd play... --Rain

9/15/11- I just added some new dates to my schedule and I will have even more to come soon... --Rain

8/3/11- I've been in Austin for a while, but will be setting new dates soon. I have dates confirmed for Vegas,
The Yellow Rose in Austin, and a couple dates in NC for September. Dates will be posted as soon as they are
confirmed. I am available for private parties while in Austin; email me for more info. For the most up-to-date
info- add me on Facebook. --Rain

4/15/11- For anyone who would like to come share an afternoon of working with me on the pole, I will be
teaching a workshop at Brass Ovaries Pole Dancing on May 14 at Noon. Please contact them to sign up, only a
limited number of slots will be available. --Rain

4/14/11- Hey everyone! I am currently still in Austin for a bit. This Saturday I will be performing in the Texas
Burlesque Festival
, downtown Austin. Check my forecast page for more info. I just got new t-shirts. I will have
t-shirts and 8x10s for sale at the festival and I will have them added to my site in a couple days. Remember to
add me on Facebook for the latest updates. --Rain

2/18/11- Thanks for stopping by. I am currently on tour for the next couple weeks. I have a couple more days
here in Newton, AL, and next week, I will be in Jacksonville, NC for 3 days. I have just added some new dates
to my schedule and will be adding more in the next few weeks. Please keep checking back for more updates. I
hope to see you at the clubs. --Rain

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